Upcoming event: Vermouth & Australian Botanicals

We are very excited to announce that following the success of our inaugural class on tonic syrups, we are about to host our second masterclass in-store at The Bitters Lab!

This class will be a very interesting and unique session on Vermouth and Australian Botanicals, run by Shaun Byrne, creator of Maidenii and all round fair dinkum bloke. Shaun will be discussing what makes vermouth, and what Australian native ingredients are used in our food and beverage to give it that unique quality which has boost Aussie spirits reputation in the global marketplace.

Our guests will be able to taste some lovely products, and even taste some vermouth in a cocktail to experience it in the classic bitter style.

Head to our events page and follow the links to secure your tickets. Seats are strictly limited, so you’d better get in quick!



“Just The Tonic” Masterclass & Tasting

We are very excited this week to be holding the very first of our cocktail masterclasses!

Our ethos has always been to provide bartenders and enthusiasts with the tools they need to take their cocktail experience to the next level. So we will be hosting masterclasses on a range of topics, in collaboration with some of our friends in the industry to help our customers get the most out of their drinks.

Our inaugural session will be with Trish Brew, the manager of the excellent Gin Palace, on tonic syrups. Tonics have a rich history dating back to British colonial times, and The Bitters Lab stocks a wide range of flavours and styles of this unique syrup.

The “Just The Tonic” class will be this Thursday the 18th of August. Our guests will have the chance to taste some delicious syrups paired with The Melbourne Gin Company, and even get to take away some treats!

There are only a few seats left, so make sure you head to our events page for your tickets.

The Secret’s Out

Four weeks deep into the shop and it already feels like home. We’ve had some great words from The Age and Concrete Playground, introducing Melbourne to the Cocktail Mecca.

Check out the reviews!




We’re open for business!

Hey Everybody!

So the products are on the shelves, the doors are open and we are trading! Thanks so much to everyone who made it down for our launch night, we enjoyed a few champagne cocktails and got a little boozy into the evening. It was great to see all our friends and customers finally get to see the expanse of our collection in person, and be able to taste and experience the products we sell first hand. Now it’s your turn!

The shop is open at Shop 9, 397 Smith St, every day except for Tuesday. We have a huge table in the middle of the room which is covered in open bottles of bitters, tonics and syrups which you can taste at your leisure, plus you’ll be likely to see one of us there who is willing to chew your ear off about the range of flavours, books and tools that we now stock.

We’re very happy to be on Smith St, and are hoping to make it our home for the foreseeable future. So please come and visit, we’ll hope to see you there!


Everyone to the site for the brand new retail project that is The Bitters Lab.

We are proud to announce that in a very short time we will be opening a unique space on Smith St in Fitzroy, where you can browse, learn about, sample and buy all manner of interesting and artisanal cocktail ingredients and equipment.

We can’t wait to show you all, so stay tuned for more details!